Tutoring FAQs

How do I sign up for a Tutor?

We currently have two ways to sign up for tutoring:

Sign up online or stop by 021 Classroom Building to walk through the sign-up process with one of our staff.

If you have trouble receiving (or retrieving) your temporary password or you need a password re-set, please call our front desk at 405-744-3309.

First time users can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to tutor.okstate.edu
  2. On the Log In page, click Forgot Password
  3. Enter your CWID as your Sign-In Id (without the "A") and your okstate.edu e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail containing your new password.
  4. Click Log-In and enter your Student ID number (without the "A") and temporary password [exclude exterior brackets].
  5. Click Appointments > Set up a new appointment
  6. Select Category = My Classes
  7. Select Activity = Class
  8. Click Next
  9. Select Tutor Name from Drop-Down Box
  10. Select a green block that fits your schedule and click OK

To change your password, click the Profile link after you have signed in and follow the prompts.


I've signed up, what next?

After you've signed up with the online software (either online or in the office), you are ready to go.

If you have questions, please contact us, either by phone or in person.


Where do I meet my tutor?

You will meet your tutor in the basement of the Classroom Building in Room 021. Please check in at the front desk when you come in. Sometimes your tutor will already be in the office and waiting for you upon your arrival.


How can I have a successful tutoring experience?

  • Come prepared to tutoring sessions.  This includes bringing syllabi, textbooks, notes or other materials that would be beneficial to aiding in the tutoring session.  (Tutors will not provide any of these materials.)
  • Attempt to solve the problems on your own before your appointment. Bringing a list of questions or problems to be worked out often leads to a more productive tutoring session.
  • Be respectful of the tutor’s time and be responsible in keeping track of your schedule.
  • Be on time for tutoring sessions.
  • Although, it may not be necessary to stay for the entire hour of the tutoring session, please utilize our tutors’ services for at least 30 minutes of the appointment time. Expect that tutoring sessions will typically last an hour.


Will I always see the same tutor?


When scheduling an appointment, start by looking at the availability of tutors with whom you’ve worked well in the past. 

In cases where your favorite tutor isn’t available, look at other tutors in the drop-down box. 

We try to hire multiple tutors in every course we cover to increase tutoring availability for students.  Each tutor has outstanding qualifications and has gone through extensive tutor training.


How do I cancel a tutoring appointment?

You may cancel an existing tutoring appointment anytime up until 8:00 p.m. the evening prior to the scheduled appointment time. If you need to cancel after that, please call our office at 405-744-3309.  We can contact the tutor on your behalf, but you will still be charged $10 for a late cancellation fee.

What is the deadline for scheduling a tutoring appointment?

You can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a LASSO tutor through our scheduling website (tutor.okstate.edu) up until 9 PM for an appointment the following day. 

Does LASSO have walk-in tutoring available?

LASSO has partnered with Residential Life to provide walk-in tutoring in the Academic Development Center (ADC) located on the second floor of Kerr-Drummond Mezzanine.  ADC tutors cover a variety of courses in the subject areas of mathematics, chemistry, English, Spanish, and more.  ADC hours and tutoring schedules can be viewed on the Google Calendar on our main tutoring page.

How far in advance can I schedule an appointment with a LASSO tutor?

Our website allows you to schedule tutoring appointments up to 8 days in advance.  We suggest that you make appointments as far in advance as you can to better maximize your scheduling options. 

Will a LASSO tutor help me on a take-home or online quiz?

While our tutors are glad to help you review and prepare for quizzes and exams, they will not sit with you as you take a quiz.  Our goal is to help you not only increase your understanding of course-specific content, but also help you become better equipped and more confident as an OSU student. 

Will a LASSO tutor help me with my homework?


We understand that students often come to tutoring with questions that arise directly from homework assignments.  Our tutors will be glad to assist you in strengthening your understanding of course concepts through dialogue and work through practice questions and problems. While our tutors will help with homework in this way, they will not provide you with answers to homework questions or problems.